We Retail Barbecue Islands that we Build In-House, Then Deliver to your House

Have you been considering a new Custom Barbecue Island, but don’t feel like having a construction crew come in and tear your beautiful backyard apart. Nevada Outdoor Living provides solutions to the that exact problem. We manufacture custom barbecue¬† islands in-house at our facility then transport them and install them into our customers homes. Bringing you all the benefits of an after market addition to your home, without the mess. Let’s face it, do you really feel like having a construction crew and their power tools outside your backyard making noise for two weeks? I didn’t think so! You can count on us for the whole project. From concept to completion Nevada Outdoor Living will create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

From Concept to Completion, Barbecue Islands & Outdoor Kitchens

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4600 Series Island 4600 Series Island[/caption]

Our professional design team is here to assist you every step of the way. We are Nevada’s tried and true “Outdoor Living Specialists” and we have a stellar reputation to maintain here in the valley. Our process usually starts with a free on-site consultation. This consultation helps us to identify the space you have and our recommendations for using it efficiently. This also gives you a chance to relay your own individual concepts you would like to include in the project. From there our designers take the idea’s developed in the consultation and render a 3D/2D graphical barbecue island design. This enables our customers to see exactly how there project will look before we build it. This process is great for adjustments and changes. We also include a cost estimate for the project. Once the design is approved we start the construction process. After island is completed we transport and install into your backyard and there’s no need to worry about how we get the island into your backyard. Nevada Outdoor Living has a number of different solutions for getting our products into our customers backyard, some which involve cranes. Call or stop in today for your free consultation.

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