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Barbecue Grills & Outdoor Kitchen Accessories – Arizona

The BBQ Online Showroom is Arizona’s Place to Buy Barbecue Grills The BBQ Online Showroom is excited to introduce our new “Arizona Sales Initiative”. Since Arizona is Nevada’s neighbor we’re introducing a brand new promo for our Arizonian neighbors. This promotional offer is an excellent way to save on your Barbecue Grill or Outdoor Kitchen […]

Drawer Assembly

If you’re looking for something useful to add to your Outdoor Kitchen or BBQ Island consider the drawer sssembly. The drawer assembly is probably the best option after the grill to add to your BBQ Island or Outdoor Kitchen. There is all kinds of things you’ll need to store in a drawer, such as: matches, […]

Cooking Light

Every good BBQ Island / Outdoor Kitchen should have a cooking light nestled somewhere near the grill, it can get pretty ugly when you arrive home from work and want to cook a perfect steak, only to find it’s too dark to see your own hand, let alone a 12 dollar piece of cow. Luckily […]

Umbrella Collar: Get Some Shade!

It get’s mighty hot out here in the Las Vegas Valley, that’s why any good plan for an Outdoor Kitchen or BBQ Island should consider some sort of cover or umbrella. That’s why we came up with this little umbrella collar, this makes adding an umbrella to any island a snap and hides all the […]

Cooler Time Break out the Drinks!

The Drop-In Cooler, one of the best options for your new Outdoor kitchen or BBQ Island purchase. The Drop-in cooler keeps your drinks ice cold without the use of your precious power. Perfect for having family and friends over for a party or get together. This cooler we use, is insulated, and only cost $399.99 […]

Door Options

  There are plenty ¬†of options available for your Outdoor Kitchen or BBQ Island. The most required option besides the actual grill, is the addition of the door underneath the grill and the sink or drop-in cooler. The door is needed so that there is always safe access to the connections and/or shut-off valves located […]

American Made Built-In Grills

Here at Desert BBQ Island Co., we firmly believe in American-made Grills, we believe they generally cook better, and have less problems, and if they do have problems they’re generally much easier to find parts for. We have several great lines, but one of our favorite lines, is the Capital Pro Series made by Capital […]


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